SCHOTT CERAN® DESIGN AWARDS 2017:  People’s Choice Award “Nourishment” is a self-sufficient farming surface equipped kitchen system, which incorporates with durable ceramic glass counter top surface for cooking top and interactive screen. In a typical modern lifestyle, especially in metropolitan

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Love Puff

2016 Yilan Chair Design Competition Silver Prize Pigs have been a very essential part of human lives sometimes as livestock or source of income. In Yilan, we can feel how close pigs are to us by visiting their farmland in

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Spiral Stool

At the fast-changing modern era, life styles are tending to emphasize on both high renewing rate and the sense of beauty, especially in the Eastern world. In response to it, we focused on designing a furniture that meets the modern

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Nekoron Cat House

Nekoron is a cat house that can help you to build up your own playground for you cat. The shape of Nekoron is inspired by actual figure of cat and it comes a void space that can be filled with

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La Defence Street Furniture competition entry In order to address the complexity of working condition in La Defense, Paris, we propose street furniture that can transform into working surface. PEPINIERES ici is to be installed around the planted tree in the

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Light Lights

2011 Taiwan Designers Week “Keep Exhibition” Entry A flower pot has become one of the most common objects found at home, with or without flowers. Its elegant shape reminds us of our history and fabrication technique. However, it has always

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Morph (E-ink side table)

Morph incorporates E-ink Prism, Electrical ink laminated film, with corrugated cardboard structure. The table top changes the pattern as programmed with very low electricity voltage. The morphing form of curvature symbolises traditional paper to new generation electrical paper. The basic

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Taishin Arts Award Digital Archive Stand

Taishin arts award digital stand archives past 10 years of awards winner in digital media. It is located in the corner of prominent lobby of Taishin Bank headquarter building in Taipei city. The ripple on backside of stands represents the

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MoNTUE Paper Furniture

MoNTUE Paper furniture requires no hardware or glue to assemble it for carrying weight of people with only cardboard. There are three different heights for targeted user and usage, which can be used as kid stool, adult seating and bar

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iLight (iPhone Light)

2012 Taiwan Designers Week “Smart Exhibition” Entry Do you know the function of electric torch from iPhone could be more interesting? We create a brand new phone battery charger with the wooden bottom and curved acrylic decoration. When you use

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Za Stool

Za Stool is designed for the complex contemporary life style. Za Stool mainly functions as seating device; however, it can take apart into two parts and stack for storage. Type of furniture: Stool / Side Table Dimension: 450 mm (H)

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Rocking Dolphin

Yilan is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, mountains and ocean. Rocking Dolphin is inspired by wild dolphins playing around Guishan Island, a part of Toucheng Township, Yilan County, which is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Yilan. Rocking

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Waltz Lounge

The simplicity of the Waltz Lounge combines the warmth of wood and white leather into a creative piece. The inset of the w can be pulled out and becomes additional seating, and the void area doubles as a storage space.

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S-CUBE simply took the 3mm cardboard to the next level. It inherited a regular box shape, then pushed from one side to create multifunction: a stool, a child’s seat, and steps. The sheet of cardboard is precisely cut by CNC

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Formula unites recycled material and technology. With only 16 square feet of Eco-resin, plus advanced CNC router, the design fits perfectly and eliminates production waste. No hardware or adhesive is necessary for assembly. Type of furniture: Lounge Chair Dimension: 28.5″h

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K Workstation

K Workstation incorporates Bamboo laminated plywood for creating efficient space managing working space. The folding curved shape creates shelving and desk space within one working unit. K Workstation could be manufactured each segments for easy fabrication process and transportation, yet

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Kulms Chair

The Kulms Chair draws its shape from an organic form. The culm, or root, of a bamboo plant, is the inspiration behind the delicate, teetering seat of this elegant chair. Type of furniture Stackable guest chair Dimension 32″h x 21″d

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pOrOus Chair

pOrOus chair encourages us to insert our interests and needs, and the plug-in devices can transform the atmosphere instantly. A user can install hardware such as music players, speaker, or even lamps, with an attaching device which works as an

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