Spiral Stool

At the fast-changing modern era, life styles are tending to emphasize on both high renewing rate and the sense of beauty, especially in the Eastern world. In response to it, we focused on designing a furniture that meets the modern

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Nekoron Cat House

Nekoron is a cat house that can help you to build up your own playground for you cat. The shape of Nekoron is inspired by actual figure of cat and it comes a void space that can be filled with

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MoNTUE Necklace

MoNTUE can be mysteriously coded. If we add the length of each letter in the same direction, it becomes a bar that reflects the original text. It may appear to be simple straight bars, but they are actually special surprising

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iLight (iPhone Light)

2012 Taiwan Designers Week “Smart Exhibition” Entry Do you know the function of electric torch from iPhone could be more interesting? We create a brand new phone battery charger with the wooden bottom and curved acrylic decoration. When you use

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