Spiral Stool won A’Design Platinum Award

Spiral Stool is awarded A’Design Platinum award, along with Rocking Dolphin and Lightscape Pavilion at Marina Bay’s Silver award. More detail can be found here. Official Press release can be found here. Official interview to Designer can be found here.

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Hsin-Yi Foundation Playground

This playground design is intended to emphasize the texture of natural material as well as its feeling to provide children, whose age in between 1 to 6 years old, a comfortable and relaxing environment to play. T The main focus

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i Light Mariana Bay 2016 Exhibited Project Inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns, Lightscape combines CNC fabrication with local materials in the form of a lightweight, luminous pavilion. Each of the pavilion’s ten columns is composed of crisscrossing bamboo dowels; in

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Field of Emerging

X-site Taipei 2016 edition Finalist project The concept of this pavilion starts with the idea of creating field for people to meet. It is like the space under the tree where there is no strict physical boundary in between. The

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Nekoron Cat House

Nekoron is a cat house that can help you to build up your own playground for you cat. The shape of Nekoron is inspired by actual figure of cat and it comes a void space that can be filled with

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Lightscape Pavilion at iLight Marina Bay 2016

MisoSoupDesign is selected as one of artists for iLight Marina Bay 2016 in Singapore. The new version of Lightscape Pavilion will be installed in March, 2016. iLight Marian bay web

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La Defence Street Furniture competition entry In order to address the complexity of working condition in La Defense, Paris, we propose street furniture that can transform into working surface. PEPINIERES ici is to be installed around the planted tree in the

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Taiwan Designers Week 2015

We have exhibited our Kulms Chair, Za Stool and Light Lights at RAPAQ Booth of Taiwan Designers Week, October 2 to 11th. Here are the some photos of exhibition and designers talk! (All photos are courtesy of RAPAQ)

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Open Call for Summer Internship application

New UPDATE We have closed internship application for summer 2016. The selected candidate for internship position will be contacted via email. Thank you for your interest in working with MisoSoupDesign! Best regards,   The previous college list joined our internship

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Rocking Dolphin at West Edge Design Fair

  Rocking Dolphin has been exhibited at West Edge Design Fair at Santa Monica, CA from October 22 to 25 along with Parabola Chair of Ensso. We look forward our future collaboration! Ensso West Edge Design Fair Rocking Dolphin

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Nekoron is on Webackers

We are running crowd funding project “Nekoron” at Webackers.com (Sorry traditional Chinese only). Please support us to bring Nekoron to all the house cats! We are also donating 8% of successful funding to HAA (Hope for Animal Association) to improve

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House of Nature, Taichung

Entire space is based on white color scheme that goes with natural pinewood and thin concrete, to accentuate the clean, simple lines. Moving from old house to a new apartment, the clients have focused on a children-friendly living space, as

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Spiral Stool is available for purchase

uDesign Le Z Addons Model: Quinne Photo by DN

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Light Lights

2011 Taiwan Designers Week “Keep Exhibition” Entry A flower pot has become one of the most common objects found at home, with or without flowers. Its elegant shape reminds us of our history and fabrication technique. However, it has always

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Morph (E-ink side table)

Morph incorporates E-ink Prism, Electrical ink laminated film, with corrugated cardboard structure. The table top changes the pattern as programmed with very low electricity voltage. The morphing form of curvature symbolises traditional paper to new generation electrical paper. The basic

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Lightscape Pavilion received Golden A’design Award

Daisuke Nagatomo achieves the prestigious Golden A’ Design Award Como, Italy, March 28, 2015 /DESIGNPRWIRE/ A’ Design Awards is pleased to inform that the lighting work Lightscape Pavilion by Daisuke Nagatomo has been announced as a winner of the famous

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Spiral Stool

Spiral Stool is a cardboard folded structure, which requires no glue or hardware for its assembly. The Rotated squares on top and bottom create unique fractal elevation, reflects lights in different angles. Spiral Stool can also use as modular units

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Lightscape Pavilion wins TID Award 2014

The Lightscape Pavilion was awarded The TID Award of Space Installation Art and the award ceremony was held at Songshan Cultural Park on April 24th 2015. TID Award is held annually to celebrate great interior projects not only in Taiwan,

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Xinpu Apartment

The 15 years old apartment in New Taipei City is renovated to create contemporary urban life style with with natural wood finish and emphasized with glass transparency. By incorporating concrete, wood and glass texture, the spacial quality can be harmonized

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Taishin Arts Award Digital Archive Stand

Taishin arts award digital stand archives past 10 years of awards winner in digital media. It is located in the corner of prominent lobby of Taishin Bank headquarter building in Taipei city. The ripple on backside of stands represents the

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MoNTUE Necklace

MoNTUE can be mysteriously coded. If we add the length of each letter in the same direction, it becomes a bar that reflects the original text. It may appear to be simple straight bars, but they are actually special surprising

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MoNTUE Paper Furniture

MoNTUE Paper furniture requires no hardware or glue to assemble it for carrying weight of people with only cardboard. There are three different heights for targeted user and usage, which can be used as kid stool, adult seating and bar

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Rocking Dolphin at Vision of Children’s Chair Exhibition

Rocking Dolphin will be exhibited at Vision of Children’s Chair Exhibition at Yilan from 2014.12.20 to 2015.3.15! More info from http://ycdaward.wix.com/2014 https://www.facebook.com/ycdaward

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Spiral Making Video

Spiral from Daisuke Nagatomo on Vimeo. Video Credit: MisoSoupDesign / Daisuke Nagatomo & Minnie Jan Music Credit: She Dreams in Blue – Instrumental / Josh Woodward She Dreams in Blue – Instrumental (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 4.0

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C-Hub is the place where it promotes design, creativity and innovation. For the cardboard pavilion – Spiral, we collaborated with YFY Group and intend to create a non-enclosed brainstorming spot to accelerate the interaction between people. Soft curvature plus folded

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iLight (iPhone Light)

2012 Taiwan Designers Week “Smart Exhibition” Entry Do you know the function of electric torch from iPhone could be more interesting? We create a brand new phone battery charger with the wooden bottom and curved acrylic decoration. When you use

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Tainan Plus

Tainan Plus is constructed with over thousands of card boards pieces. All pieces are digitally fabricated with cnc machine and assembled by hand. The construction continued four consecutive days on site with more than twenty people’s assistant. This is the

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Za Stool

Za Stool is designed for the complex contemporary life style. Za Stool mainly functions as seating device; however, it can take apart into two parts and stack for storage. Type of furniture: Stool / Side Table Dimension: 450 mm (H)

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Astrium Silver Taichung

Astrium Silver Taichung is a new store of Astrium series in Taiwan. The concept of the shop is “Water”, pureness and coolness. The shop hosts Mintdesigns and Disaya, young and avant-garde cloth and jewelry brands. The white-based shop space harmonize

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Rocking Dolphin

Yilan is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, mountains and ocean. Rocking Dolphin is inspired by wild dolphins playing around Guishan Island, a part of Toucheng Township, Yilan County, which is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Yilan. Rocking

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Lightscape Pavilion

The lightscape pavilion is the art installation as part of Landscape of Spectacle Exhibition at Treasure Hill Artist Village. The pavilion structure is inspired by the traditional lantern, which is made with thin bamboo sticks. Project Type: Art Installation Site:

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Waltz Lounge

The simplicity of the Waltz Lounge combines the warmth of wood and white leather into a creative piece. The inset of the w can be pulled out and becomes additional seating, and the void area doubles as a storage space.

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Taishin Bank Lobby Installation

This project is the art installation for the Taishin Bank Headquarter Building Lobby, located in Taipei City. Over 300 hexagonal units are combined into three different themes for celebrating the Chinese New Year. Site: Taishin Bank Headquater Lobby Completion Date:

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Tomioka Station

Tomioka station is the gateway of Tomioka silk mill, which is on the process of being registered as world heritage. This proposal is inspired by the unique structural system of Tomioka silk mill and creates canopy to emphasize the entering

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S-CUBE simply took the 3mm cardboard to the next level. It inherited a regular box shape, then pushed from one side to create multifunction: a stool, a child’s seat, and steps. The sheet of cardboard is precisely cut by CNC

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Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl wins Golden A’design Award

Award Gallery

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Invisible Farm wins 3rd Prize of Green Dot Award 2013

Winner’s Gallery Link

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Sky Condos

As the most prestigious residential building, Sky Condos redefines the new prototype of high-end living, incorporating functionality and luxury. With all units facing the golf course, there are 2 types of unit layouts in the sky condos, both with excellent

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Rocking Dolphin wins 4th prize Yilan Chair Design Competition

Rocking Dolphin is awarded 4th place of Yilan Chair Design Competition. The award ceremony was held the city of Yilan. All other winning entries are viewed from following link. http://ycdaward.wix.com/2014#!2014-awards/c1tvx

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BU Kaohsiung

BU Kaoshiung is the cozy retail space located in Kaoshiung, Taiwan. The unique collection of items is displayed along the space. The big bag motif represents the uniqueness of the shop space. The storefront is decorated with the hex wall

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