Tomioka Station

Tomioka station is the gateway of Tomioka silk mill, which is on the process of being registered as world heritage. This proposal is inspired by the unique structural system of Tomioka silk mill and creates canopy to emphasize the entering

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S-CUBE simply took the 3mm cardboard to the next level. It inherited a regular box shape, then pushed from one side to create multifunction: a stool, a child’s seat, and steps. The sheet of cardboard is precisely cut by CNC

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Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl wins Golden A’design Award

Award Gallery

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Invisible Farm wins 3rd Prize of Green Dot Award 2013

Winner’s Gallery Link

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Sky Condos

As the most prestigious residential building, Sky Condos redefines the new prototype of high-end living, incorporating functionality and luxury. With all units facing the golf course, there are 2 types of unit layouts in the sky condos, both with excellent

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Rocking Dolphin wins 4th prize Yilan Chair Design Competition

Rocking Dolphin is awarded 4th place of Yilan Chair Design Competition. The award ceremony was held the city of Yilan. All other winning entries are viewed from following link.!2014-awards/c1tvx

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BU Kaohsiung

BU Kaoshiung is the cozy retail space located in Kaoshiung, Taiwan. The unique collection of items is displayed along the space. The big bag motif represents the uniqueness of the shop space. The storefront is decorated with the hex wall

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Formula unites recycled material and technology. With only 16 square feet of Eco-resin, plus advanced CNC router, the design fits perfectly and eliminates production waste. No hardware or adhesive is necessary for assembly. Type of furniture: Lounge Chair Dimension: 28.5″h

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Live Pod

Live pod accentuate the verticality, minimum footprint (20’x20′) and prefabrication. The major components of the house are divisible and transported by typical 102″ wide tractor trailer. Live Pod incorporates sustainable building system and renewable material such as rain screen facade,

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K Workstation

K Workstation incorporates Bamboo laminated plywood for creating efficient space managing working space. The folding curved shape creates shelving and desk space within one working unit. K Workstation could be manufactured each segments for easy fabrication process and transportation, yet

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FabLab House

Fablab House Collaboration with IaaC The Fab Lab House, developed with an open design, can be fabricated with local materials anywhere in the world. Its organic form, which responds directly to its environment, can be produced using advanced industrial systems

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Invisible Farm

Invisible farm is the installation project as a part of Taiwan Wanderer Guide 2012 exhibition at Taichung, Taiwan. It is rooted in traditional Taiwanese window cover, typically known as “Iron bar”, and integrated with vertical window farming concept. The hexagonal

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Astrium Nature

Trees growth is exuberant, meticulous, and it follows the order of growing method. The integrity of the tree is constructed by self-branching system, which repeats extensively. Not only have we inspired by trees, we also found many structure that exist

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Taichung Apartment

Located on the west district of Taichung city, the 230 square meter apartment is designed to be comfortably relaxing space with incorporating wood and stone material.The signature bar counter is dividing the living and dining space, yet still coordinates two

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Taya Renewal Competition

With 104 years of history, ‘Taya’ storefront renewal plan aims to combine tradition and innovative construction techniques. Store façade is covered with wooden louvers built gradually from the surface waves. These louvers are designed to minimize waste and cut with

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Kulms Chair

The Kulms Chair draws its shape from an organic form. The culm, or root, of a bamboo plant, is the inspiration behind the delicate, teetering seat of this elegant chair. Type of furniture Stackable guest chair Dimension 32″h x 21″d

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pOrOus Chair

pOrOus chair encourages us to insert our interests and needs, and the plug-in devices can transform the atmosphere instantly. A user can install hardware such as music players, speaker, or even lamps, with an attaching device which works as an

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New Media School

The morphogenetic school typology is initiated by the study of school types and layout, and the comparison between gothic and modern architecture. Traditional school layouts rely on linear circulation systems, existing as both centralized and decentralized networks. To reinterpret the

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