Spiral Stool at MOOD, Museum of Design


Spiral Stool is at the MOOD, Museum of Design in Como, Italy as a part of A’Design Award and Competition winners! The exhibition is organised at Chiesa di San Francesco, Como to host 2015 – 2016 period A’Design award winner’s poster and some products. The exhibition will be traveling around the Europe and Asia till end of this year.

Exhibition Schedule
“MOOD” Ex Chiesa di San Francesco (Italy)
09-28 June, 2016

Cube Design Museum (Netherlands)
02 July – 04 August, 2016

Bologna Design Week (Italy)
28 September – 01 October, 2016

Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair (China)
06-08 November, 2016

IMG_4183 adesignaward-2015-Exhibition-0026-1 IMG_4329