Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2017 Installation Program Finalist

The extreme notes of the diatessaron, the first and the last, joined together, produce an agreeable consonance; the diapenete a more agreeable one; and the diapason the most agreeable. The diapason does not only produce a similarity but an ineffable identity in the different voices.

Regulae de arte musica 79, 80

Consonance is the harmony of elements to compose a relationship in between each other, such as sky and ground, building and city, and people and nature. When the various elements are gathered with certain rythm, they could form such an amazing organization such as composing a music note. The pavilion concept coheres the Estonian culture of being close to nature and self-sufficiency. Utilizing the local timber and latest CNC technologies, the “Consonance” pavilion bring the people’s attention to the hill in front of the Museum of Estonian Architecture. The basic geometry of structure is formed to create the continuity of the slope from the back side hill and extend as canopy toward the museum, which welcome the people’s flow from both side of pavilion. The pavilion can be a place for people to gather, place for resting, and place to appreciate the nature and city.