SCHOTT CERAN® DESIGN AWARDS 2017:  People’s Choice Award

“Nourishment” is a self-sufficient farming surface equipped kitchen system, which incorporates with durable ceramic glass counter top surface for cooking top and interactive screen. In a typical modern lifestyle, especially in metropolitan cities, having a secured food source is getting more and more serious issues around the world. Because most people live very far from place where actual foods are harvested, there are no way to figure out what kind of process these foods went through before arriving in front of us. Our design concept for the next generation kitchen system could be the one of solution to provide secure and clean food source in urban living condition.


The self-sufficiency concept consists with reuse of two main resources, which are water and food waste during the cooking process. Wasted water is filtered after the kitchen sink and goes to the water reservoir of aquaponics, which can produce not only green vegetables but also aquatic animal such as fish and prawns. Meanwhile, the wasted food can be processed at the bottom of sink to convert for food composite which will be great nutrients for soil based farming vegetables. All these complex farming systems are embedded under the clean ceramic glass surface to emphasize simplicity of its design. The ceramic glass surface provides not only high efficiency induction cooking top, but also interactive computer screen for “Nourishment” system to monitor nutrient level of farming medium, check pollution level of water, and connect with other “Nourishment” system for sharing their harvests with others.