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Commercial Space: Extreme Makeover Hsinchu Cafeterior
The abandoned space for over 20 years has been converted into the employee cafeteria at Hsinchu science park. The 150 pin (around 500 square meter) plan includes the counter for food delivery, main dining space, lounge space, VIP room, toilets and office room. The renovation revitalize the space for the employee to have comfortable and relaxing dinning time during their working schedule.。


Contemporary Style: Under the Tree
This playground design is intended to emphasize the texture of natural material as well as its feeling to provide children, whose age in between 1 to 6 years old, a comfortable and relaxing environment to play. T The main focus of this playground is the main tree, made with wood and paper, with a market-play area underneath. The wood panels cover large concrete column and host CNC cut honeycomb section cardboard sheet for branches and leafs. There is a drive lane around the tree and two areas of house made with array of wooden sections. The parents can keep their eyes on to their children while the kids can freely play house works inside of the structure.


Zen Style: Urban Oasis
This is an urban oasis, a sanctuary place where we hope to balance the couple’s busy lives in Taipei. The beautiful mountains surrounds the apartment has inspired us to design a fluid space and bring the natural landscape into the interior. Without moving a single partition, the original 3-room layout of the 22-year old building is kept, with additional storage space and walk-in closet. To utilize every corner, left over spaces in kid’s bedrooms have turned into study and reading zone. By the window, a soft and silky seating area is designed to slow down everyone’s pace and allow the enjoyment of the beautiful view. The open plan encourages the conversation between different living spaces, forming a warm-hearted urban oasis for the family.