Rocking Dolphin


Yilan is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, mountains and ocean. Rocking Dolphin is inspired by wild dolphins playing around Guishan Island, a part of Toucheng Township, Yilan County, which is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Yilan.
Rocking Dolphin is assembled with CNC milled teak plank parts with steel rod joints to maintain beautiful natural wood appearance as well as for its easy assembly. It can be flat-packed for easy transportation to avoid any difficulty of shipping. Rocking Dolphin also does not require any special hardware to put it together, so that it can be assembled at home easily.
Rocking Dolphin promotes young children to play and touch with natural wood material and enjoy rocking as if they are riding real wild dolphin. When many kids ride Rocking Dolphin chair, it looks like many dolphins are happily playing together in the ocean.